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David Dial, Collector, Glass Plate Negatives of West Virginia University Agricultural Experiment Station Projects And Other Subjects

Collection Number: A&M 5152

Barn with family standing in doorway

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b01\5152_b01_f11_Family_In_Barn.tif


 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b02\5152_b02_f06_Unidentified_Bridge.tif

"Campus from [Agricultural Experiment] Station building, Aug. 4 '96"

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b02\5152_b02_f07_Woodburn_Circle_1896-08-04.tif

Farmer and two cows in field with fence

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b01\5152_b01_f16_Man_With_Cattle.tif

Graduation or inauguration exercises on Woodburn Circle

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b02\5152_b02_f05_Unidentified.tif

Man in cornfield

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b01\5152_b01_f08_Man_In_Cornfield.tif

People in tobacco field

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b02\5152_b02_f02_People_in_Tobacco_Field.tif

Pond or lake with bushes in the foreground

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b01\5152_b01_f13_Nature_Scene_Lake_or_River.tif

Ruins of Mechanical Hall; Burned 3/3/99; Photo 3/11/99

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b01\5152_b01_f04_Ruins_of_Mechanical_Hall_Photo_3-11_Burned_3-3-99.tif

"Timothy" (man standing among crops)

 Digital Record
Collection Number: 5152_b01\5152_b01_f14_Farmer_in_Cornfield_Timothy.tif