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130th Air Commando Group, History

Collection Number: A&M.2924
Overview HISTORY OF THE 130th AIR COMMANDO GROUP, KANAWHA AIRPORT, CHARLESTON, WV. Prepared for the Historical Office, 130th Combat Support Squadron by the Information Section. August 1, 1966. 9 p. HISTORY OF THE 130th AIR COMMANDO GROUP. No date. 5 p. 129th AIR COMMANDO GROUP UNIT HISTORY. No date. 2p. HEADQUARTERS 130th AIR COMMANDO GROUP, Final Report, March 28, 1966. 7p.

201st National Guard, Regiment Histories

Collection Number: A&M.1297
Overview Histories of the 201st National Guard Regiment. This regiment dates back to colonial times, beginning as Captain Morgan Morgan's company of militia, and has served with merit in nearly every war in which the United States has engaged. Specific details of this unit's deployment are included in an index.

4-H Project, West Virginia Flowers and Trees and Other Records

Collection Number: A&M.1153
Overview Projects and posters regarding West Virginia flowers and trees, as well as African wildlife. Projects include fifteen collections of leaves and flowers, labeled and mounted on cardboard. These project boards also include the wild flower conservation pledge and a poem about roadside flowers. The posters, distributed by the East African Wild Life Society include the zebra, water buck, lion, buffalo, and black rhinoceros. The collection also includes the following miscellaneous items: a quadrangle...

A. & R. Fisher Paper Company Ledger

Collection Number: A&M.3077
Overview The ledger of a Wheeling paper manufacturing business of the 1830s and 1840s under the partnership of Archibald and Robert Fisher. This ledger is principally a cash book of receipts and payments of the firm from 1840 until 1844 for labor, supplies, sales, repairs and improvements. Noted for production of coarser types of papers often used for stationery, their Point paper mill employed 17 hands whose products were sold by the company throughout the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys with a total...

A. Carl Hughes, Lawyer, Papers

Collection Number: A&M.1804
Overview A. Carl Hughes was a lawyer in Weston, West Virginia. Chiefly contains several pieces of undated printed materials for businesses in Weston, West Virginia, such as letter head, envelopes, and business cards, including Hughes's own letter head and blank witness attendance tickets. Also includes one 1914 letter from Hughes regarding his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of prosecuting attorney.

A. Gordon Dayton, Student, Latin Copy Book

Collection Number: A&M.0741
Overview A copy book belonging to A. Gordon Dayton, containing his Latin lessons from Sept. 15, 1874 to Mar. 7, 1876, done while he was a WVU student.

A. J. Legg, Author, Typescript Regarding History of Panther Mountain Community

Collection Number: A&M.4231
Scope and Contents Bound typescript entitled "A History of Panther Mountain Community (Nicholas County, West Virginia)" written by A.J. Legg of Albion, West Virginia in 1930 and published by the Agricultural Extension Division, Morgantown, West Virginia. The typescript covers the history of the community from the earliest settlement by American pioneers until the post-Civil War period. Includes coverage of topics such as the origin of the community's name, early land titles, leading families, and local schools,...

A. Philip Randolph, Civil Rights and Labor Leader, Papers

Collection Number: A&M.1530
Overview Papers of Asa Philip Randolph, a prominent civil rights and labor leader, who founded and edited The Messenger, an influential black radical labor newspaper of the 1920s and who organized and presided over the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the only independent, viable black trade union in the American labor movement. Much of the correspondence deals with raising subscriptions for The Messenger, gaining an International...

Aaron Chipps, Coal Miner, Papers

Collection Number: A&M.3129
Overview The collection of the papers of a Morgantown coal miner and electrician focuses upon the development of coal mining technology. It includes operations and maintenance manuals, diagrams, and catalogs for a variety of mining equipment and parts. It also includes notes and material for Chipp's study of mining technology and electricity.

Aaron Ruble Civil War Letters

Collection Number: A&M.3034
Overview Two letters from Chestnut Run, near Burning Springs, Wirt Co. to Robert Caldweel and Edward Wright of Thompsonville, Washington Co., PA. Ruble inquires whether Caldwell and Wright desire continue drilling for oil on his land. He mentions it would be safe for them to visit, despite the Civil War, since there are many Pennsylvanians working there who move about freely.

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Account books 261
Politics and government. 211
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 201
Morgantown (W. Va.) 187
Monongalia County (W. Va.) 178
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Land. 174
Diaries and journals. 155
Genealogy 151
Education 119
Coal mining. 104
Universities and colleges 103
Women's history -- 1850-1899 103
Elections 98
Rivers and river valleys. 91
Schools. SEE ALSO Academies 89
Preston County (W. Va.) 86
Lawyers - letters and papers. 83
Farms and farming. 81
Women's history -- 1900-1929 81
World War II. 80
Railroads 79
Taxation 77
Wheeling (W. Va.) 77
General stores 75
Harrison County (W. Va.) 75
Surveyors and surveying. 73
Frontier and pioneer life 64
Transportation 63
World War, 1914-1918 60
Maps. 59
Women's history -- 1929-1950 59
Clarksburg (W. Va.) 58
Lumber trade 58
Agriculture 57
Birth, marriage, and death records. 57
Randolph County (W. Va.) 57
Authors -- Letters and papers 54
Church buildings 54
Coal mining - coal companies. 54
Marion County (W. Va.) 54
Slaves and slavery. 53
Petroleum industry and trade 52
Mills and mill-work 51
Court records 49
Travel accounts. 46
Union names. 45
Unions. SEE ALSO Labor organization. 45
Education. SEE ALSO Schools. 44
Kanawha County (W. Va.) 43
Parkersburg. 42
Women's history -- 1800-1849 41
Greenbrier County (W. Va.) 40
Steamboats 40
Art and artists 39
Revolutionary War. 38
Taylor County (W. Va.) 38
Wood County (W. Va.) 38
Baptists 37
Livestock 37
Fairmont. 35
Harpers Ferry (W. Va.) 35
New Deal, 1933-1939 35
Pennsylvania 35
Railroads - Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 35
Civil War - prisons and prisoners. 34
Tucker County (W. Va.) 33
African-Americans. SEE ALSO Coal miners - African Americans. 32
Banks and banking 32
Teachers 32
Virginia 32
Turnpikes. SEE ALSO Roads. 31
Women's history -- 1951-present 31
Coal mining - Labor organization. 30
Kentucky 30
Ohio River 30
Berkeley County (W. Va.) 29
Cemeteries and cemetery readings 29
Churches -- Methodist 29
Civil War -- War diaries 29
Environmentalism. 29
Gas industry 29
Ohio County (W. Va.) 29
Barbour County (W. Va.) 28
Charleston. 28
Monroe County (W. Va.) 28
Ohio 28
Pittsburgh (Pa.) 28
Iron furnaces and iron industry. 27
Photography 27
Statehood politics -- West Virginia 27
Medicine. SEE ALSO Folk medicine. 26
Physicians - letters and papers. 26
West Virginia - Governors. 26
Civil War - letters. 25
Estate settlements. 25
Hampshire County (W. Va.) 25
Hardy County (W. Va.) 25
Jefferson County. 25
Judges - letters and papers. 25
Nicholas County (W. Va.) 25
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West Virginia University. 121
West Virginia University 65
Democratic Party (U.S.) 52
United Mine Workers of America 51
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ) 40
∨ more
Pierpont, Francis Harrison, 1814-1899 38
West Virginia University. President 34
Neely, Matthew Mansfield, 1874-1958 32
United States. Congress. Senate 31
West Virginia University. Library 31
Cornwell, John J. (John Jacob), 1867-1953 30
United States Congress. 30
Holt, Rush Dew, 1905-1955 29
Davis, John W. (John William), 1873-1955 28
Camden, Gideon D. (1805-1891) 27
West Virginia University. Agricultural Extension Service 27
Elkins, Stephen B. (Stephen Benton), 1841-1911 25
Hatfield, Henry Drury, 1875-1962 25
West Virginia. Legislature 24
Byrd, Robert C. 23
Jackson, Stonewall, 1824-1863 23
Randolph, Jennings, 1902-1998 23
Willey, Waitman T. (Waitman Thomas), 1811-1900 23
Ambler, Charles Henry, 1876-1957 22
Davis, Henry Gassaway, 1823-1916 22
Boreman, Arthur Inghram, 1823-1896 20
Carlile, John S. (John Snyder), 1817-1878 20
Davis family 20
Smith family 20
Faulkner, Charles James, 1806-1884 19
Kump, Herman Guy, 1877-1962 19
Chilton, William E. (William Edwin), 1858-1939 18
Gore, Howard M. 18
Kilgore, Harley Martin, 1893-1956 18
Strother, David Hunter, 1816-1888 18
West Virginia University. Department of History 18
Lewis, John L. (John Llewellyn), 1880-1969 17
Monongalia County 17
Brown, John. 16
Camden, J. N. (Johnson Newlon), 1828-1908 16
United States. Army 16
West Virginia University. College of Agriculture 16
Cook, Roy Bird, 1886-1961 15
Dayton, Alston Gordon 15
Goff, Nathan, 1843-1920 15
Hayman family 15
Holt, Homer Adams, 1898-1975 15
Monongalia Academy (Morgantown, W. Va.) 15
Revercomb, Chapman, 1895- 15
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945 15
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company 14
Callahan, James Morton, 1864-1956 14
McClellan, George B. (George Brinton), 1826-1885 14
Van Winkle, P. G. (Peter Godwin), 1808-1872 14
White, I. C. (Israel Charles), 1848-1927 14
Atkinson, Geo. W. (George Wesley), 1845-1925 13
Debar, Joseph Hubert Diss. 13
Fleming, A. B. (Aretas Brooks), 1839-1923 13
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 13
Meadows, Clarence W. 13
Morgan family 13
Patteson, Okey L. 13
Summers, Festus P. (Festus Paul), 1895-1971 13
Washington, George, 1732-1799 13
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) 12
Core, Earl Lemley, 1902-1984 12
Goff family 12
Ku Klux Klan (1915- ) 12
Lewis family 12
McGraw, John T. 12
Moore family 12
Moore, Arch A., Jr. (Arch Alfred), 1923-2015 12
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962 12
West Virginia University. Department of Biology 12
Weston State Hospital 12
Wilson, William Lyne, 1843-1900 12
Bittner, Van A. (Van Amberg), 1885-1949 11
Farley, James A. (James Aloysius), 1888-1976 11
Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1807-1870 11
Neal family 11
Ward family 11
Watson, James O. 11
West Virginia University. College of Pharmacy 11
American Federation of Labor 10
Barron, W. W. 10
Brown family 10
Chitwood, Oliver Perry, 1874-1971 10
Dawson, William M.O. 10
Goff, David, 1804?-1878 10
Green, William. 10
Hallanan, Walter S. (Walter Simms), 1890-1962 10
Johnson, Louis. 10
MacCorkle, William Alexander, 1857-1930 10
Post, Melville Davisson, 1869-1930 10
Ruffner family 10
Sutherland, Howard 10
West Virginia Historical Society 10
West Virginia University. College of Engineering 10
Consolidation Coal Company 9
Dayton, Spencer. 9
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