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Box 1a


Contains 7 Results:

Volume 5, 1820 June 23–1821 February 19

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents

Subjects include routine business letters, the Lucy Backus Woodbridge estate, family correspondence, resignation of William Woodbridge from Congress, rental of Blennerhassett Island. Business firms mentioned: Benjamin J. Gilman, W. Wilson & Co., Robert Fulton, R. J. Meigs, Clarissa Backus, J. W. Biddle & Co., and John Sproule. Places of business include: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Frankfort, Lexington, Washington D.C., Zanesville, Chillicothe, Detroit, Clarksburg, and Parkersburg.

Dates: 1820 June 23–1821 February 19

Volume 6, 1821 February 19–1821 December 12

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents Subjects include purchase of bank stock, estate of Lucy Backus Woodbridge, currency exchange, steamboat building, and family and business affairs. Correspondents include: Jesse B. Thomas, Benjamin Reeder, E. Buckingham Jr. & Co., Elihu Chauncey, Henry Strong, Daniel Converse, Joseph Willard, Sam A. Wescott, and Henry Northrup. Places addressed: Washington D.C., Norwich, Lexington, Philadelphia, Pitssburgh, Wheeling, Clarksburg, Frankfort, St. Clairsville, Steubenville, Zanesville, and...
Dates: 1821 February 19–1821 December 12

Volume 7, 1826 March–1829 February

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

Unsigned letters, mainly from Pt. Harman, ordering goods for the D. Woodbridge Store. Also some letters concerning tobacco, ginseng, dried fruit, skins, beeswax, rags, feathers, and other products shipped to eastern markets for sale.

Dates: 1826 March–1829 February

Volume 1, 1801 October 21–1803 December 31

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Letters signed D. Woodbridge, Jr. and D. Woodbridge and Co. Includes 52 letters to Harman Blennerhassett re. company business, goods ordered, and ship building, launching, and voyages. Cargo mentioned includes skins, hemp, ginseng, and pork taken in trade and purchased for sale in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Also, letters to James Converse, Joseph F. Munro, Mrs. Mary Jourdan (Philadelphia agent for Woodbridge & Co.), James Backus, William Woodbridge, Joseph Clarke, Jacob Burnet, John...
Dates: 1801 October 21–1803 December 31

Volume 2, 1811 October 31–1814 August 11

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Subjects include dissolution of D. Woodbridge & Co. partnership, purchase and sale of goods, transportation by wagon and riverboats, salt received on commission from Donnally and Steele (Kanawha Salt Works), transactions on Ohio Company lands, ropewalk in Marietta, purchase of shares in Pittsburgh manufaturing company, settlement of Col. George Morgan estate, transactions involving sugar and cotton in New Orleans and Kentucky, riverboat accidents and loss of cargo, effects of war on...
Dates: 1811 October 31–1814 August 11

Volume 3, 1816 June 13–1816 December 7

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents

Subjects include fur trade with London and French merchants, purcahse and sale of ginseng and other products, and re. conduct of storage and commission business. Names include: Thomas Morgan, Samuel Murdock, Thomas L. Pierce, Sevil Scovil and Co., John Barr, and L. Barber. Places named include: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Lexington, New York, St. Louis, and London.

Dates: 1816 June 13–1816 December 7

Volume 4, 1818 August 18–1820 September 25

 Item — Box: 1a, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents

Subjects include currency exchange, shipping conditions, marketing information, rental of Blennerhassett Island, and mercantile business. Names and firms: Moses Dillon, James W. Biddle & Co., Steele, Donnally & Steele, Thomas Baker, S.&G. Trotter & Co., and Gelman and Ammidon. Places named include: Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky.

Dates: 1818 August 18–1820 September 25