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Harley Martin Kilgore (1893-1956), Senator, Papers

Collection Number: A&M.3143

Scope and Contents

Papers of Harley M. Kilgore, U.S. Senator from West Virginia. Includes typescripts, clippings, printed materials, and correspondence regarding U.S. Senate voting and campaigning; the Senate Judiciary Committee; correspondence with Federal government agencies, various individuals, and West Virginia state agencies; Senate legislation on a variety of topics, including appropriation, education, health, and housing; various West Virginia subjects and individuals; Kilgore's speeches, press releases, and radio broadcasts; and other topics.

Contents List:

Series 1. Political File; 1946-1952 and undated; boxes 1-6.
Series 2. Senate Judiciary Committee Papers and Other Senate Committees; 1949-1954 and undated; boxes 7-9.
Series 3. Correspondence with Federal Government Agencies; 1954-1956; boxes 10-17.
Series 4. Legislative Files (Topical); 1944-1955; boxes 18-60.
Series 5. Legislative Files (Numerical); 1953-1956; boxes 61-69.
Series 6. General Correspondence; 1941-1953; boxes 70-80.
Series 7. General Correspondence with West Virginia State Agencies; undated; boxes 81-82.
Series 8. West Virginia Matters (Topical); 1948-1949 and undated; boxes 83-87.
Series 9. West Virginia Matters (Name File); undated; boxes 88-91.
Series 10. Speech File and Other Writings, Releases, etc.; 1941-1956; boxes 92-107.
Series 11. Democratic Party Campaign Materials; 1952; boxes 108-109.
Series 12. Coal Mine Problems; undated; boxes 110-111.
Series 13. Postwar German Problems; 1944-1945 and undated; boxes 112-116.
Series 14. Department of Justice Patent Policy Survey; undated; box 117.
Series 15. Miscellaneous Printed Materials; 1945 and undated; boxes 118-120.
Series 16. Clippings; 1946-1956 and undated; boxes 121-123.
Series 17. Senator's Constituent Lists, 1952 Campaign; 1952; boxes 124-129.
Series 18. Senator's Voting Record, 80th through 84th Congresses; 1947-1956; boxes 130-132.
Series 19. Senator's Committee Work Books; undated; box 133.
Series 20. Scrapbooks; 1941-1954 and undated; boxes 134-145.

Series 1. Political File; 1946-1952 and undated; boxes 1-6.

Box 1: 1946 Campaign.

Senator Neely's Voting Record (Democratic candidate for Congress)

Campaign, 1946

Kilgore: 1946 Campaign Material

Kilgore: Sweeney Debate, 1946

Testimony: Thornhill and Lilly

1946 Election Contest

Election Contest, 1946

Election Contest, 1947

West Virginia Election Contest, 1946: Report of Senate Committee

Kilgore: Sweeney Contest Clippings

1948 Campaign

Box 2: West Virginia 1950 Gubernatorial Campaign.

Rush D. Holt Voting Record (4 folders)

Rush Holt

Rush Holt Speeches

Campaign (W. Va.), 1950

Box 3: 1952 Senatorial Campaign (W. Va.): Kilgore vs. Revercomb.

Kilgore voting Record

Revercomb Voting Record (2 folders)

Revercomb Congressional Utterances, 1947

Revercomb Congressional Utterances, 1948

CIO - PAC Revercomb Material

Box 4: 1952 Senatorial Campaign. (Note: Mostly concerned with libel suit against William Bradford Huie, ed., American Mercury)

Huie, W.B.: "Red Record of HMK"

Huie, W.B.: American Mercury

Hoffman Editorial on Huie

Huie Underestimates West Virginians

Huie's Hoaxes (suggested editorial)

Huie, W.B.: W.Va. news stories

Huie, W.B.

Huie: Self-confessed Perpetrator of Hoaxes, October 27, 1952

Republican Congressman's Exposal of W.B. Huie

Material from G. Lilly regarding (Huie) Libel Suit

Kilqore's Suit against Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette

Daily Mail Libel Suit

Fulton Lewis, Jr.

Box 5: 1952 Senatorial Campaign.

Republican Newspaper Releases

Revercomb Press Releases

J. Horner Davis (Democratic candidate for United States Senate)

Kilgore Record (2 folders)

County Tabulations: General Elections, 1952

1952 Campaign Releases

Box 6: 1952 Senatorial Campaign.

Press Clippings

Series 2. Senate Judiciary Committee Papers and Other Senate Committees; 1949-1954 and undated; boxes 7-9.

Box 7:

Senate Judiciary Committee, 1949

Senate Judiciary Committee, 1950 (3 folders)

Subcommittee on Judicial Machinery, 1949

Judiciary, 1953

Box 8:

Judiciary, 1954 (3 folders)

Box 9:

Judiciary, 1954 (1 folder)

Senate Committees

Subcommittee on Charters, Holidays

Series 3. Correspondence with Federal Government Agencies; 1954-1956; boxes 10-17.

Box 10:

Army Map Service

Atomic Energy Commission

Board of Parole

Bureau of the Budget

Bureau of Employees' Compensation

Bureau of Internal Revenue

Bureau of Printing and Engraving


Census Bureau

Central Intelligence Agency

Civil Aeronautics Administration (2 folders)

Civil Aeronautics Board, Airline Subsidy Appropriation: Civil Aeronautics Board, 1956

Box 11:

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Service Commission (2 folders)

Coast Guard

Defense Production Administration

Department of Agriculture (2 folders)

Department of the Air Force (2 folders)

Department of the Army (2 folders)

Department of Commerce

Box 12:

Department of Commerce

Department of Defense (2 folders)

Department of Health, Education and Welfare (2 folders)

Department of the Interior (2 folders)

Department of Justice (2 folders)

Box 13:

Department of Labor (2 folders)

Department of the Navy (2 folders)

Department of State (2 folders)

Disbursing Office

District of Columbia Government (2 folders)

District of Columbia Public Schools

Economic Cooperation Administration

Farmers Home Administration

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Civil Defense Administration

Box 14:

Federal Communications Administration

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Housing Administration

Federal Housing Agency

Federal Power Commission

Federal Reserve Board

Federal Trade Commission

Food and Drug Administration

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

Foreign Operations Administration

General Accounting Office

General Services Administration

Government Printing Office

Hoover Commission

Housing and Home Finance Agency

Immigration and Naturalization Service

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Box 15:

International Cooperative Administration

Interstate Commerce Commission

Library of Congress (2 folders)

Marine Corps

Maritime Commission

National Guard, United States

National Labor Relations Board

National Security Agency

National Security Resources Board

Naval Gun Factory

Naval Research Laboratory

Office of Defense Mobilization

Patent Office

Post Office Department (2 folders)

Public Health Service

Public Housing Administration

Box 16:

Railroad Retirement Board (2 folders)

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Securities and Exchange Commission

Selective Service System

Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration (2 folders)

Subversive Activities Control Board

Supreme Court

Tariff Commission

Treasury Department

Box 17:

United States Information Office

United States Marine Corps

Veterans Administration (2 folders)

War Claims Commission

White House (2 folders)

Series 4. Legislative Files (Topical); 1944-1955; boxes 18-60.

Box 18:

Adult Illiteracy


Agriculture Legislature

Box 19:

Anti-Monopoly: S. 1008 (2 folders)

Appropriations, 1950 (folders 1 and 2)

Box 20:

Appropriations, 1950 (folders 3 through 7)

Box 21:

Appropriations, 1953-1954 (3 folders)

Box 22:

Appropriations, 1953-1954

Appropriations, 1954 (2 folders)

Box 23:

Appropriations, 1953-1954

Appropriations: Legislation (83rd Congress, Second Session).

Appropriations: Independent Offices

Appropriations: Interior

Appropriations: Labor and Public Welfare

Appropriations: Treasury and Post Office Departments

Box 24:

Armed Services: Legislation, 1949-1950 (2 folders)

Atlantic Pact: Legislation ratifying

Atomic Energy: Legislation

Bankruptcy (2 folders)

Bohlen Confirmation

Bricker Amendment (folders 1 and 2)

Box 25:

Bricker Amendment (continued)

Box 26:

Cartels (3 folders)

Civil Aeronautics Board

Civil Aeronautics Board: Appropriations

Box 27:

Civil Aeronautics Board: Appropriations (folders 3 and 4)

Civil Rights, 1950 (folders 1 and 2)

Civil Rights: Legislation, 1954

Civil Service: Legislation, 1949 (folders 1 and 2)

Box 28:

Civil Service, 1950

Civil Service: Legislation, 1950


Coal and Oil Imports

Box 29:


Box 30:

Conemaugh Dam

Controls Legislation

Displaced Persons (2 folders)

Box 31:

Displaced Persons

Displaced Persons: Bills

Displaced Persons: Program, March 30, 1950

District Home Rule Legislation

Economic Expansion Act

Box 32: Education Bill

Education, 1950

Education: Federal Aid to, 1949

Education: Federal Aid to, 1950

Education: Illiteracy Bill, 1948

Education: Legislation, 1953

Education: Regional Education Compact

Box 33:

Education: Federal Aid to, 1949 (W. Va. Mail Answered)

Equal Rights Amendment

Box 34:

Equal Rights

Fireworks Legislation

Flood Control

Forestry, 1949-1950

Fuel Oil

Germany: Report on

Germany: Steel Production

Box 35:

Germany, 1948-1950

German Issue

Germany: Coal

Germany: Decartelization

Germany: Ruhr Valley Clippings

Health Legislation, 1949 (for)

Health Legislation, 1949 (against)

Box 36:

Health Legislation, 1950 (for)

Health Legislation, 1950 (against)

Health Legislation: Data

Housing, 1946-1947

Housing, 1949

Housing, 1950

Housing: General

Immigration (2 folders)

Box 37:

Immigration Legislation, 1953-1954 (2 folders)

McCarran Immigration Act

Box 38:

Internal Security (2 folders)

Jewish Affairs

Labor Legislation, 1949-1950

Labor Legislation, 1953-1954

Box 39:

Labor Legislation, 1954

Labor Disputes Legislation (2 loose-leaf volumes)

Box 40:

Labor: Taft-Hartley Law

Labor: Taft-Hartley Law (for)

Labor: Taft-Hartley Law (against)

Labor: Data

Liquor Legislation

Box 41:

Lobbies: Correspondence, 1949-1950

Lobbies: Clippings

Lobbies: Data and Clippings

Lobbies: Data (including Water Lobby)

Lobbying Investigation


Margarine Tax

Merchant Marine

Mine Safety Bill

Minimum Wage

Box 42:

Minimum Wage

Miscellaneous Legislation: regarding Cloture

Miscellaneous Legislation, January - April, 1949

Miscellaneous Legislation, April - May, 1949

Miscellaneous Legislation, May - June, 1949

Box 43:

Miscellaneous Legislation, June - July, 1949

Miscellaneous Legislation, August, 1949

Miscellaneous Legislation, August - November, 1949

Miscellaneous Legislation, December 1949 - January 1950

Miscellaneous Legislation, January - March, 1950

Box 44:

Miscellaneous Legislation, March, 1950

Miscellaneous Legislation, April - May, 1950

Miscellaneous Legislation, May - August, 1950

Miscellaneous Legislation, June - July, 1950

Miscellaneous Legislation, August - September, 1950

Box 45:

Miscellaneous Legislation, October - December, 1950

Miscellaneous Legislation, January - April, 1953

Miscellaneous Legislation, April - May, 1953

Box 46:

Miscellaneous Legislation, June - July, 1953

Miscellaneous Legislation, July - December, 1953

Box 47:

Miscellaneous Legislation, January - March, 1954

Miscellaneous Legislation, April, 1954

Miscellaneous Legislation, May, 1954

Box 48:

Miscellaneous Legislation, June, 1954

Miscellaneous Legislation, 1954-1955

National Defense

National Science Foundation

Box 49:

Pension Legislation

Postal Legislation, January - June, 1949

Postal Legislation, July - December, 1949

Box 50:

Postal Legislation, January - April, 1950

Postal Legislation, April - June, 1950

Postal Legislation, June - December, 1950

Box 51:

Postal Legislation, January - April, 1954

Postal Legislation, May - December, 1954

Box 52:

Presidential Succession

Public Defender Legislation

Public Works Legislation

Railroad Retirement Data

Refugee Relief Act

Rent Control, 1950

Rent Control Legislation, 1948-1949


Requests (2 folders)

Box 53:


Robinson-Patman Legislation

St. Lawrence Seaway (2 folders)

Security Program, 1953

Selective Service Legislation

Senators' Future Bill

Small Business

Social Security Act

Box 54:

Social Security, 1949

Social Security: Legislation

Soil Conservation

Statehood: Alaska and Hawaii

Stream Pollution

Surplus Property Act of 1944 and Overseas Trading Corporation

Box 55:

Tariff, January - June, 1949

Tariff, July - December, 1949

Tariff, 1950

Tariff: Data

Taxes: Depletion Allowance, February, 1950

Box 56:

Taxes: Excise, January - June, 1949

Taxes: Excise, July - December, 1949

Taxes: Excise, January - February, 1950

Taxes: Excise, February - March, 1950

Taxes: Excise, June - July, 1950

Box 57:

Taxes: General, 1949

Taxes: General, December, 1949 - February, 1950

Taxes: General, February - December, 1950

Taxes: Legislation, December 1952 - December 1953

Box 58:

Taxes: Legislation, January - April, 1954

Taxes: Legislation, May - August, 1954

Tennessee Valley Authority

Tidelands Oil

Tidelands Oil Speech

Box 59:

Trade Legislation

Transportation (2 folders)

Un-American Activities, Anti-Subversive Bills

United Nations

Universal Military Training

Veterans: Legislation, January - June, 1949

Box 60:

Veterans: Legislation, July - December, 1949

Veterans: Legislation, 1950

Veterans: Legislation, 1954

Vocational Rehabilitation Legislation, 1948

Water Pollution

Series 5. Legislative Files (Numerical); 1953-1956; boxes 61-69.

Box 61:

S. 16 - Immunity Provision

S. 160 - Electric Power from Wind Driven Generators

S. 216 - Manufacturers' Excise Taxes on Auto Accessories

S. 462 - Salaries of Judges, Members of Congress

S. 471 - Federal Construction Act

S. 543 - For the Relief of Sarah Kabacznik

S. 544 - Adult Illiteracy

Box 62:

S. 581 - Relief of Sherman White

S. 584 - Amend Title 28, United States Code

S. 585 - Relief of Dr. Chang Ho Cho

S. 587 - Relief of Hildegarde Hiller

S. 588 - Relief of Colonel David Stonecliff

S. 589 - Relief of Lieutenant L.P. Sampson

S. 590 - Juke Box Bill

S. 623 - Fuel Procurement

S. 679 - Relief of Dr. John Q. Adams

S. 711 - Relief of Olga Koscinkiewicz

S. 733 - Amend Clayton Antitrust Act

S. 734 - Amend Title 18, United States Code

S. 735 - Relief of Sarah Kabacznik

S. 736 - Crozet Superhighway Act

S. 796 - Toll Roads Bill

Box 63:

S. 848 - Federal Construction Bill

Box 64:

S. 943 - Court of Claims

S. 966 - Relief of D.V. Karavageorge

S. 976 - Montgomery, W. Va. land

S. 977 - Amend Title 28, United States Code

S. 995 - Trading with the Enemy Act

S. 1010 - Designating former Presidents as Delegates-at-Large

S. 1025 - Relief of Golda E. Engel

S. 1070 - Relief of Raymond Beckner

S. 1213 - Court of Claims Jurisdiction regarding Overtime Compensation

S. 1256 - Additional Circuit and District Judges

S. 1257 - Relief of Colonel Walter E. Ahearn

S. 1258 - Naturalization by Navy Service

S. 1259 - Title II, First War Powers Act

S. 1260 - Authorize State Jurisdiction on Land

S. 1385 - Bureau of Indian Affairs Employees

S. 1386 - Relief of G.F. Allen

S. 1387 - Military Personnel Claims Act

S. 1388 - Relief of Armed Forces Members

S. 1389 - Claims Settlement: Armed Forces

S. 1420 - Insurance

S. 1421 - Relief of Nahi Youssef

S. 1429 - Relief of Delagado, Lagua, etc.

S. 1430 - Relief of Ernest W. Berry

S. 1431 - Relief of McFarland Cockrill

S. 1432 - Relief of Mary J. McDougall

S. 1455 - Relief of Emilion Roozman

S. 1461 - Quick Freight Rates Bill

S. 1504 - Relief of Valmai MacKenzie

S. 1553 - Amend Section 1, United States Code

S. 1582 - Extend GI Bill Deadline regarding Education

S. 1591 - Payment of Judgments by the Post Office Department

S. 1592 - Relief of Diment and Everingham

S. 1593 - Amend Section 1114, Title 18, United States Code

S. 1594 - Relief of Dosinda G. Mendez

S. 1595 - Relief of Ahmed Hamayssi

S. 1596 - Policy on Chartering Corporations

S. 1597 - International Rules of Judicial Procedure

S. 1644 - Construction Contract Act

Box 65:

S. 1644 - Construction Contract Act

S. 1659 - Relief of Dr. Michael Barton

S. 1678 - Relief of Public Housing Administration Employees and Officers

S. 1679 - Amend Bankruptcy Act, Section 48

S. 1733 - Relief of Stanislaw Argasinski

S. 1751 - Relief of Willie C. Pickett, George Williams, and Herman L. Looney

S. 1752 - Bailiffs in District Courts

S. 1753 - Amend Section 2254, Title 28, United States Code

S. 1754 - Relief of Certain Aliens from Finland (82nd Congress, 1st Session)

S. 1754 - Relief of John L. Boyer, Jr. (84th Congress, 1st Session)

S. 1774 - Jurors' Qualifications

S. 1775 - Jury Commissions

S. 1804 - Relief of Ben Lipscher, etc.

S. 1814 - Relief of Aliens from Finland (83rd Congress, 2nd Session)

S. 1825 - Jury Trials in Condemnation Proceedings

S. 1839 - Relief of Willy Giroud

S. 1851 - Preventing Illegal Entry or Residence in United States

S. 1879 - Adult Illiteracy

S. 1887 - Relief of Modrechay Dinewitz

S. 1888 - Relief of Roberto Campa

S. 1898 - Pan American Round Table Charter

S. 1898 - Corporation Charters (82nd Congress, 1st Session)

S. 1911 - Relief of Samuel E. Arroyo

S. 1969 - Relief of Romildo Vanin

Box 66:

S. 1980 - Crozet Superhighway Bill, (83rd Congress, 1st Session)

S. 1995 - Relief of Nemoran J. Pierre, Jr.

S. 1996 - Bankruptcy Act Amendment, Section 66

S. 1997 - Bankruptcy Act Amendment, Section 14

S. 1998 - Bankruptcy Act Amendment, Section 70a

S. 1999 - Bankruptcy Act Amendment, Section 70d

S. 2000 - Relief of Nathan L. Garner

S. 2001 - Natural Gas Act

S. 2056 - Relief of Deborah Williams

S. 2160 - Relief of Georgios Baroulakis

S. 2161 - Relief of Nicholas Tsirigotis

S. 2162 - Relief of Michael Patrinos

S. 2182 - Relief of Roy Lee Smith and Betty Louis Smith

S. 2221 - For the Relief of Disbursing Officers, Certifying Officers, and Payees

S. 2222 - Amendment of Title 18, United States Code

S. 2223 - Abbreviation of Records

S. 2224 - Relief of Rural Carriers

S. 2225 - Lawsuits: Aircraft Accidents

S. 2226 - Trading with the Enemy Act Assets

S. 2227 - Trading with the Enemy Act as amended, and the War Claims Act of 1948, as amended

S. 2231 - Amendment of Trading with the Enemy Act

S. 2242 - Rubber Production Facility Act

S. 2243 - Relief of Mary Boone Lacson

S. 2263 - Rubber Production Facility Disposal

S. 2345 - Relief of Lilu Yuen Chuang

S. 2391 - Kilgore Amendment

S. 2465 - Relief of Lydio Butz

S. 2468 - Relief of Christine Hammel

S. 2509 - Amendment of Rubber Production Facility Disposal Act

Box 67:

S. 2558 - Relief of Edna Shaloup

S. 2575 - Relief of Gertrude H. Nichols

S. 2605 - Amendment of Section 4 of Unlawful Restraints and Monopolies

S. 2609 - Youthful Offenders

S. 2699 - Amend Title 28, United States Code

S. 2842 - Immigration

S. 2843 - Relief of William H. Wise

S. 2875 - Adult Illiteracy

S. 2886 - Relief of Alma Egan

S. 3387 - Relief of Frank Allen

S. 3423 - Amendment of Trading with the Enemy Act

S. 3426 - Airline Subsidy and "windfall" taxes bill

S. 3426 - McCarran Act to Repeal Supreme Court Decisions (83rd Congress)

S. 3427 - Ferguson Bill

S. 3527 - Rabies

S. 3660-3661 - Wetback Legislation

S. 3701 - Pay Increases for the Armed Forces

S. 3706 - Amend the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950

S. 3748 - Relief of Jean Hobart

S. 3854 - Volunteer Training Program

Box 68:

S.J. 23 - Reed-Dirksen Amendment, 1954

S. Res. 24 - Youth Honor Day

S. Res. 107 - Senate Restaurants

S. Res. 256 - Code of Fair Committee Procedure of the Senate

H.R. 1639 - Jennings Bill, 1949

H.R. 5767 - McGuire Fair Trade Bill

H.R. 6558 - Relief of George Bleck

H.R. 8898 - Amend Section 401(e) (2) of the Civil Aeronautics Act

Public Law 199 - Amending H.R. 2685 regarding Post Office Appropriations

Unnumbered - United States Attorneys, Staff Pay Raises

Unnumbered - Relief of Emmanuel Maradoudakis

Unnumbered - Chartered Corporations Audit Act (proposed)

Box 69:

Abstracts of Legislation, Voting Records: Miscellaneous

Series 6. General Correspondence; 1941-1953; boxes 70-80.

Box 70:


Arab Refugee Board


Army Air Force

Atomic Bomb, Science

Atomic Energy

Atomic Energy, International Control

Big and Little Inch Pipe Line

Chiang Kai-Shek, Madame

Coffin, Tris (2 folders)

Columbia River Valley Authority

Congressional Record, 79th Congress

Constitutional Amendments (Proposed)

Consumers Interests Committee, 1953

Box 71:

Defense Program, Investigation of (Military Government)

Dierdorff Case

Dulles, John Foster

Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) Program


Expropriation of Enemy Property

Foreign Affairs (2 folders)

Box 72:

Gilmore, John


Hall, John C.

Ickes, Harold


Japan, Underwater Sounding Devices to be built in 1933-1937

Japan, Photostatic Copies of Correspondence regarding Japanese Interest in United States Phosphates and Fertilizers, c. 1927-1941

Box 73:

Hoover Reports -- General

Hoover Reports -- Reorganization Plans

Hoover Reports -- Requests for Economy

Box 74:

Kaiser Company (Henry J. Kaiser)

Little Court Martial

Magazine Articles

Marshall, Honorable George C.

McCarthy, Joseph R.

Meador, George

Middle East Arms Policy

Missouri Valley Authority

Moore, Mrs. Isabel

National Science Foundation (S. 1297)

Navy Department -- Bureau of Naval Personnel

Navy Department -- General

Navy Department -- Reclassification

Ohio Valley Authority

Point Four Program

Pomonkey Creek Project

Presidential Power

Reserve Officers: Retirement

Box 75:


Box 76:

Birthday: Thomas Jefferson

Johnson, Louis: Secretary of Defense

Senate Campaign Expenditures Investigating Subcommittee, 1946

Shott, Senator Hugh Ike

Speech: Lieutenant Commander Stassen

Stationery, 1952

Truman, President Harry

Venereal Disease: Tiajuana [sic: Tijuana]

Veterans' Administration, 1948 -- Bureau of Veterans Reemployment Rights (Labor Department)

Veterans' Administration, 1948 -- Forms

Veterans' Administration, 1948 -- Headlines about Veterans

Box 77:

War Department -- Chief of Engineers

War Department -- Commanding Officer

War Department -- General Correspondence

War Department -- Quartermaster General

War Department -- Surgeon General

Win the Peace Conference

World Federation

World Friendship Association

World Scope Encyclopedia

"Out of State," General Correspondence, January - February, 1955

Box 78:

"Out of State," General Correspondence, March - May, 1955

Box 79:

Invitations, 1953

Box 80:

Invitations, 1954

Series 7. General Correspondence with West Virginia State Agencies; undated; boxes 81-82.

Box 81:

Area Rent Director

Beer Commission

Board of Control

Board of Education

Bureau of Mines Laboratory

Collector of Internal Revenue

Conservation Commission

Department of Archives and History

Department of Banking

Department of Civil Defense

Department of Employment Security

Department of Health

Department of Labor

Department of Mines

Department of Public Assistance

Box 82:

Department of Public Safety

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Economic Stabilization Agency

Farm Credit Administration

Federal Housing Administration

Federal Reformatory for Women

Industrial and Publicity Commission

National Guard

Probation and Parole Board

Public Service Commission

Rent Stabilization

Small Business Administration

State Aeronautics Commission

State Liquor Commission

State Road Commission

Water Commissions

Workmen's Compensation Fund

Series 8. West Virginia Matters (Topical); 1948-1949 and undated; boxes 83-87.

Box 83:

Agriculture Yearbook, 1948-1949

Agriculture Yearbook Requests, 1949


Butter Analysis

Cabell County Young Democrats

Camp Horseshoe

Census Data

Civil Service Announcements

Coal Mine Letters

Box 84:

Department of Veterans Affairs

Election Contests

Files in Locker

General Applications

General Machine Ordnance Corporation

Glass Tariff

Box 85:

Gravely Motor Flow and Cultivator Company

Greenbrier County

Greenbrier Military School

Harrison County Highways

Hosiery -- Charles Kent Distributing Company

Hosiery -- Realsheer Hosiery Company

Huntington Housing

Industrial Hygiene

Kaiser West Virginia Plant


Mannington Pottery Company

Box 86:

Mannington Pottery Company, Wires

Morgantown Ordnance Plant (2 folders)

Point Pleasant Flood Control

Box 87:

West Virginia Coal Association

West Virginia Rent Control

West Virginia State Police

Women's Society for Christian Service

Wood County Book

Wyoming County Commemorative Stamp

Wyoming County Dental Clinic

Wyoming County Rent Control

Wyoming Broadcasting Company

Series 9. West Virginia Matters (Name File); undated; boxes 88-91.

Box 88:

Foy, Hon. Bryan

Garrett, Wade H.

Garten, Lt. (jg.) Magee H.

Gay, Levi V.

Ga (General)

Gentile, Lt. (jg.) Anthony

Gibson, J.V., (2 folders)

Gilbert, Jacob D.

Gillocly, Irene

Gilmore, John

Given, Fred

Gi (General)

Box 89:

Gladwell, M.M.

Glashen, T.C.

Glassie, Henry

Gl (General)

Goad, Vivian

Goode, Edward

Goodson, Joe, Jr.

Goodykoontz, Wells

Gordon, Louis J.

Go (General)

Greathouse, Fairest

Gray, Morris

Hanna, Homer

Hanna, Homer, Jr.

Harrie, Frederick Brown

John, Marion

Johns, Charles F.

Kanney, Clarence

Kannon, William J.

Kauff, Wallace H.

Martin, Paul

Morton, R. Kemp

Box 90:

Smith, C.E.

Smith, James L.

Wickham, John

Widmyer, Mrs. D.J.

Wilcox, Hon. F.E.

Wildman, Clyde

Wilkes, James E.

Wilkins, Roy B.

Wilkinson, Florence

Wilkinson, Thomas E.

Willard, William G.

Williams, Arnold C.

Williams, C.R.

Wilson, A.H., Jr.

Wilson, Clarence J.

Wilson, Edgar A.

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, John Anderson

Wilson, L.G.

Wilson, Loring

Wilson, Pearl S.

Wilson, Hon. Riley

Wilson, Stanley H.

Wilson, Willard M.

Wilt, Philip E.

Wilt, Thomas W.

Witrout, Mrs. Fay

Wimmer, A.R.

Wines, Frank

Winski, Thomas C.

Winston, H.

Winston, Harry

Winter, Minter L.

Winter, Roselle

Winterholler, Betty

Winterholler, Charles

Winters, Doris E.

Winters, Ernest E.

Wise, Dale

Wise, Howard L.

Wise, Marguerite G.

Wise, O.B.

Wise, William Dunfee

Witherell, Charles

Witherell, Walter

Withrow, Homer H.

Withrow, Pat B., Sr.

Withrow, Richard N.

Withson, Albert R.

Witney, Harry

Witsberger, L.V.

Witten, Foster

Wolf, Agnes

Wolfe, John w.

Wolfe, Orman

Wolfes, William F.

Box 91:

Wood, Alice E.

Wood, Arthur A.

Wood, Hon. Austin V.

Wood, Hannah O.

Wood, John L.

Wood, Milton, Jr.

Woodell, T.W.

Woodford, Mrs. Nedra W.

Woodford, Paul

Woodruff, Kathleen E.

Woodrum, Alex O., Jr.

Woodrum, Alice

Woods, Calvin

Woods, Mary

Woods, Mrs. Pinia

Woods, Phala

Woody, Mrs. Marjorie H.

Woody, Ronald H.

Woolwine, Annie D.

Wooten, Grace T.

Worden, Lloyd E.

Work, James

Workman, John C.

Workman, M.L.

Worley, Patsy

Worth, J.C.

Worrell, Grover C.

Worthington, Monroe

Wrather, John

Wright, Charles

Wright, Dick (2 folders)

Wright, Jesse A.

Wright, Ruth Elaine (Mrs. John Thomas)

Wright, Kenneth D.

Wright, Lyle E.

Wright, William Wilbur

Wriston, Hon. Frank P.

Wyant, Emmett D.

Wyatt, Jack

Wydo, Louis A.

Wysong, W.S.

Wysong, William P.

Yago, John W.

Yan-Zee, Leong

Yates, Charles L.

Yates, Paul K.

Yeager, Charles E.

Yen Tshou, Dr. Yen

Yenalaitus, Emil J.

Yencha, J.M.

Yerkey, Robert A.

Yoder, Mrs. Maxine

Yoho, Earl E.

Yoho, Mrs. Joe

Yon-Zee, Leung

York, Steven B., Jr.

Young, Mrs. Florence

Young, Capt. G. Ed

Young, George

Young, H.R.

Young, H. Raymon

Young, Mrs. Vivian

Younghein, Gaylord A.

Zaharias, Anna

Zak, Felix

Zanotti, Georgette A.

Zegeer, Ernest

Zeigler, Brad B.

Zeller, Gordon A.

Zilliacus, Konni

Zuber, Roy

Zurek, Joseph

Series 10. Speech File and Other Writings, Releases, etc.; 1941-1956; boxes 92-107.

Box 92:

Congressional Utterances of H.M. Kilgore, 1941 - July, 1948

Box 93:

Congressional Utterances of H.M. Kilgore, January, 1949 - July, 1952

Box 94:

Congressional Utterances of H.M. Kilgore, 1953-1956

Box 95:

Press Releases, 1944

Press Releases, 1944

Press Releases, 1945

Radio Talks, 1944

Speeches, 1941

Speeches, 1942

Speeches, 1943

Speeches, 1944

Box 96:

Speeches, 1945

Speech, Wheeling Kiwanis Club, March, 1945

Speech, Glen Rogers High School Commencement, May 24, 1945

Speech, Hillsdale Honor Roll Memorial, September 3, 1945

Speech, Methodist Seminar, Mt. Vernon Church, October 13, 1945

Radio Broadcasts, 1945-1946

Radio Features, 1946

Radio Scripts, 1945

Radio Speeches, 1945

Releases, 1946

Box 97:

Speeches, 1946

Address. United Labor Committee for Political Action, Minneapolis, January 19, 1946

Kilgore Magazine Articles, 1944-1946

News Releases, 1947

Press Releases, 1947

Radio Addresses, 1947

Radio Broadcasts, 1947

Box 98:

West Virginia Weekly Radio Broadcasts, 1945-1947

Speeches, 1947

Speeches to Organizations, 1947

Press Statement of H.M. Kilgore regarding David Lilienthal, February 16, 1947

Statement on Democracy, April 28, 1947

Jefferson Day Address, Omaha, Nebraska, May 3, 1947

Statement, Federal Aid to Education, May 5, 1947

Radio Address. Conservation and Natural Resources, May 11, 1947

Memorial Day Speech, May 30, 1947

Radio Talk. Displaced Persons, June 15, 1947

Speech in Senate. Taft-Hartley, June 21, 1947

World Peace. Radio Talk, June 29, 1947

Social Legislation. Release, July 6, 1947

Stream Pollution. Release, July 13, 1947

Marshall Plan. Release, July 20, 1947

State Moose Convention. Clarksburg, West Virginia, September 27, 1947

NAACP Conference. Bluefield, West Virginia, September 28, 1947

Grain Bill. Release, December 8, 1947

Inflation and Marshall Plan. December 11, 1947

Editorial Comments regarding Kilgore Committee. c. 1947

Coal Mining Release. undated - c. 1947

Box 99:

Speeches and Press Releases. 1948 - September 20, 1949

Box 100:

Radio Scripts (#1-24). March - August 24, 1950

Speeches. September 21, 1949 - November 11, 1950

Box 101:

Press Releases. February - October, 1951

Radio Scripts (#25-31). August 31 - October 6, 1950

Speeches. March 24 - September 3, 1951

Box 102:

Radio Scripts. 1951

Box 103:

Radio Scripts. 1952

Box 104:

Press Releases. 1952-1953

Box 105:

Speeches and Releases. 1954

Box 106:

Speeches and Releases. 1955

Box 107:

Speeches and Releases. 1956

Speech Material

Undated Speeches

Series 11. Democratic Party Campaign Materials; 1952; boxes 108-109.

Box 108:

Reports, Speakers' Aids, Fact Sheets, etc., 1952

Box 109:

Index of Quotes from Eisenhower Speeches, 1952

Series 12. Coal Mine Problems; undated; boxes 110-111.

Box 110:

Reports on Coal Mine Disasters and Other Problems

Box 111:

Unmounted Clippings regarding Coal Mine Problems

Series 13. Postwar German Problems; 1944-1945 and undated; boxes 112-116.

Boxes 112-113:

Nuremburg Trial of Krauch and Others vs. the United States, Transcript

Box 114:

Economic Studies of Germany and German Controlled Europe, 1944-1945

Box 115:

"Civil Affairs in Occupied and Liberated Territory." (War Department, Public Relations Branch) News Clippings. [See box 145].

Box 116:

Membership Records of NSDAP Ausland Organization (Photostats)

Series 14. Department of Justice Patent Policy Survey; undated; box 117.

Box 117:

Related Materials

Series 15. Miscellaneous Printed Materials; 1945 and undated; boxes 118-120.

Box 118:



Army Specialized Training Program

Arnall, Eliss, Governor of Georgia

Bretton Woods Conference (2 folders)

Central America, Good Neighbor Policy


Civil Liberties

Coal Miners' Plight, 1945

Crop Statistics, Speech Material, July 1, 1945

Box 119:

Democracy for Export



Full Employment




Military Training

Pearl Harbor

Poland under the Red Army

Population Problems

Post War Literature

Reconversion Faith

Slovakia, Benes

Soil Conservation


Washington Churches

Yalta, Ancient and Modern

Box 120:

TV Digest, United Rubber Workers Publications, etc.

Series 16. Clippings; 1946-1956 and undated; boxes 121-123.

Boxes 121-122:

1946 Senate Campaign in West Virginia, Mounted Clippings

Box 123:

Unmounted Clippings and Newspapers, 1955-1956

Series 17. Senator's Constituent Lists, 1952 Campaign; 1952; boxes 124-129.

Boxes 124-127:

Senator's Constituent Lists, 1952 Campaign

Boxes 128-129:

Miscellaneous letters, Yalta clippings, newspapers, printed materials, etc.

Series 18. Senator's Voting Record, 80th through 84th Congresses; 1947-1956; boxes 130-132.

Series 19. Senator's Committee Work Books; undated; box 133.

Series 20. Scrapbooks; 1941-1954 and undated; boxes 134-145.

Boxes 134-144:

Eight boxes of scrapbooks, a loose folder, and three loose volumes

(location of loose material identified as "boxes 142-144")

Box 145:

Copies of Civil Affairs in Occupied and Liberated Territories.


  • 1941-1956, undated


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Biographical / Historical

Harley Martin Kilgore (January 11, 1893 - February 28, 1956) was born in Brown, West Virginia, to Quimby and Laura Martin Kilgore. He received his LL.B. from West Virginia University in 1914 and was admitted to the bar the same year.

He taught school in Hancock, West Virginia in 1914 and 1915. Also in 1915, he organized the first high school in Raleigh County, WV, and served as principal. He established his law practice in Beckley, WV in 1916. During World War I, he served in the infantry from 1917 and was discharged as a captain in 1920. Kilgore married Lois Elaine Lilly in Huntington, WV on May 10, 1921. That same year, he helped organize the West Virginia National Guard, and was promoted to major and appointed commander of 2nd Battalion the following year. He also served as Beckley city recorder in 1922. His son, Robert Martin Kilgore, was born in 1924. His daughter, Elinor Stuart Kilgore, was born in 1926.

In 1932, Kilgore was assigned to the state headquarters of the National Guard. He was elected judge of the Raleigh County criminal court from 1933 to 1940 on the Democratic ticket. In 1940, he was elected to the U.S. Senate with support from the Neely faction of the Democratic Party, and won reelection in 1946 and 1952. Also in 1940, he was placed on active military duty as judge advocate for West Virginia's Selective Service system until he entered the Senate. A member of the U.S. Senate from 1941 until his death, Kilgore served as chairman of the Judiciary Committee and the Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program. In October 1942, he became chair of the Subcommittee on War Mobilization of the Military Affairs Committee (also known as the Kilgore Committee).

In 1948, Kilgore served as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention, where he was an outspoken supporter of Harry S. Truman. He retired from the West Virginia National Guard as a lieutenant colonel in 1953. He died in 1956 at age 63 at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


57.7 Linear Feet (Summary: 57 ft. 8 in. (130 document cases, 5 in.); (4 small flat storage boxes, 3 in.); (8 large flat storage boxes, 3 in.); (4 scrapbooks, 6 in. total))


Papers of Harley M. Kilgore, U.S. Senator from West Virginia. Includes typescripts, clippings, printed materials, and correspondence regarding U.S. Senate voting and campaigning; the Senate Judiciary Committee; correspondence with Federal government agencies, various individuals, and West Virginia state agencies; Senate legislation on a variety of topics, including appropriation, education, health, and housing; various West Virginia subjects and individuals; Kilgore's speeches, press releases, and radio broadcasts; and other topics. See Historical Note for more information on Senator Kilgore. See Scope and Content Note for more details.

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